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This year brings a new stage for SCX, with new ownership acquiring the rights to develop, manufacture and sell SCX. As regards the relaunch of SCX, the first goal is to give products back the top quality and long duration they have always been known for, and so to recover the good reputation SCX has enjoyed from the very beginning. All this will be backed by major investment in research and development. SCX is very proud and looks forward to this exciting challenge, and thecommitment to the brand is so strong that SCX is making waves with its technical innovations, new models, state of the art technology, promotional kits and an endless number of ideas and plans that will soon come to light.

- SCX 1:32 RACING SYSTEM offers traditional (one car per lane) SCX slot car track (not compatible with SCX the Digital System), with the rugged and durable "snap together underneath" design that does't come apart when pulled and bumped. SCX slot car track has a rough road surface, so that the cars handle better under "extreme" racing conditions. New SCX Slot Cars Have Vastly Improved Performance! For serious slot car racers, the 1:32 SCX Slot Car Race System can be expanded to 8-lanes wide racing and using the SCX Pro Competition competition-ready cars, upgraded controllers, Super Power boost transformer power and accessories.


SCX the Digital System
SCX the Digital System (LANE SWITCHING) provides Real overtaking by changing from/to any other lane, racing with up to six cars on a two-lane track, lap counting, constant race information, race leader display and more. The SCX Digital System allows you to decide the best racing strategy, control fuel consumption and plan the number of pit stops. Latest SCX digital system advancement is the new digital chronometer. With the SCX Digital System there is no need for messy tangling accessory wires as all accessories plug directly into the track section, virtually anywhere on the track.
- The Digital System. This new SCX technology allows you to race on your circuit with up to 6 cars at the same time on a two-lane track, overtake your opponents and receive continuous information during the race. Discover your race strategies: push your opponentÕs car off the track, use the corners to delay other cars, overtake and choose your lane to avoid cars that have crashed, and much more.
¥ Race with up to 6 cars at the same time on two or more lanes of tracks.
¥ Overtake your opponents by changing lanes.
¥ Stop, refuel and choose your strategy.
¥ Programme your braking power.
¥ Continuous informtion about laps, positions, times and fuel consumption.

¥ Your car can race on any lane, choosing the best course around the track.
¥ Overtake your opponents by changing lanes.
¥ Compete with up to 6 cars at the same time.
¥ Choose a refuelling strategy.
¥ Make your circuits larger with all our tracks and accessories.
With The Digital System acces- sories, you can make your circuit even more realistic.
¥ Pit Box: stop your car, refuel, adjust your braking power and make your races much more real. Attention!! Cars with more fuel race at a lower speed... decide your own strategy!
¥ The chronometer: records the times of the cars from lap to lap. Lap counter: indicates the laps you have done as well as position in the race of the other cars.
The new track for the analogue system allows users to make their tracks digital easily; this opens up a wide range of possibilities so they can enjoy more realistic car races. All these new features make the digital system much more interactive because it allows you to:
¥Compete with up to 6 cars at the same time on a two-lane track. ¥pass your opponents from any lane with the lane change button.
¥Plan race strategies by changing lane, taking corners on the inside and stopping opponents from overtaking by going in front of them, making it difficult for them to advance.
The new circuits can be combined with the whole range of SCX 1/32 tracks and circuits on the market thanks to the compatibility tracks designed for this. These compatibility tracks are included in all the analogue sets: C1, C2 and C3.
The new track system allows users to assemble circuits more easily thanks to its new joints; they allow you to save time when building the circuits so you can start playing quickly.
The new track system, while maintaining the high quality common to any SCX track, also includes the following improvements:
¥Side plastic protectors for the rails, thus improving the movement and direction of the car blades. ¥Wider and more stable tracks, allowing you to drive the car in a more precise, effective way.
¥Technical material that offers users greater flexibility and strength when it comes to assembling a circuit.
¥ Surface of maximum adherence and uniformity, improving quality.

SCX Slot Car Racing is recognized worldwide as an award winning toy. SCX the Digital System was the winner of The Duracell European Toy Survey 2005. The SCX Digital System Slot Car Racing has been chosen by children, as their preferred toy. Indeed, the recent 2005 European Duracell Toy Survey showed SCX the digital system as the preferred toy for boys and girls alike from ages ranging 5-10 years old. Whether you choose the new SCX Digital System or the standard traditional 1:32 SCX Slot Car Race System, you can expect a top quality reliable toy, that offers a durable, rugged, flexible plastic track that will take the pounding, dropping and stepping-on by any kid from 5 to 75 years of age.
SCX is a Spanish company and one of the innovators and pioneers in the slot car industry. With SCX's European roots, SCX has, for years, specialized in Rally cars, producing the widest selection of WRC replica slot cars, SCX Formula 1 slot cars and SCX Le Mans Endurance Slot Cars. Realizing the popularity of SCX in the USA, SCX has released a variety of American style slot cars including NASCAR Slot Cars, American Sports Cars, like the Chevrolet Corvette Slot Car and other American Muscle Slot Cars.


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